The Wardrobe

Vintage Hem

Oh, the dilemma of a short hemline. We've all been there. Didn't read the tag before washing your favorite new skirt, and it shrunk? Or maybe it's that crucial moment in the dressing room as you tug the polka dot dress down...It's. Not. Too. Short. We were excited to find this little invention that saves our wardrobe and allows us to splurge on the polka dot dress without compromising! Vintage Hem offers ruffled slip extenders in different styles (even polka dot!) to wear under a dress/skirt to add length & a touch of vintage class. 

PS- Don't have the cash to splurge on class? Never fear! Try making one yourself here.
                                                     Rags to Riches
Sure, finding clothes may not be too difficult if you had those extra pennies to spend, but unfortunately, many of us don't.  One fun solution we've found to this problem is....Resale Shopping!  After all, one woman's giveaway is another woman's treasure! Consignment and resale shops are usually aplenty, they just need to be discovered!  And once in there, the possibilities are endless.  Skirts, blouses, scarves, jewelry,'s like a candy shop for women!

Regardless of where you shop, it's always important to keep a few basic tips in mind to help keep costs down.
  • Find something basic and work up from there.  Find a staple.  Something you can dress up or down.  A color that will be easy to match to most things.  Here's a simple, tailored black dress from Shabby Apple:
  • Accessorize!  This is the fun part.  When you start with a basic color such as black, think of all the creative things you can do to add your own personal flair!  Here are just a few of the many possibilities
    • A fun pair of colorful shoes.  With this simple black dress, you pretty much could wear any kind of shoe.  If you were going for a comfortable, casual look...a pair of red flats would look super cute!  If you needed a slightly more formal look, heels or pumps in a textured or print color might give you an extra punch!
    • Scarves.  I love scarves and have so much fun accessorizing with them. There are so many different patterns, colors and styles you can wear.  Since this dress is pretty basic, you could do either a light, floral print, or a bold dramatic color...and tying it around the neck or wrist works too!
    • Jewelry that tells a story.  Not everyone likes wearing a lot of jewelry, but if you're trying to give your outfit a classy feel, jewelry definitely helps.  I like wearing fun jewelry...bright or bold colors, fun textures or designs.  With this dress, maybe a pendant in a teal or aqua color, or a bright bold red bracelet.  You don't need a lot.  But sometimes even one or two things can be enough to bring your outfit together
  • Don't overdo it.  When you pile on many different colors, patterns, and styles, you get lost in your outfit.  You want the outfit to make YOU look good in it....not the other way around.  A person should look at you and say "Wow, you look really nice...that color brings out your eyes," rather than, "I love that shirt!"
  • Know your colors.  Believe it or not, every person is classified in a different "season" and has corresponding colors that work for that persons coloring.  Know which colors look good on you, and which ones don't.  A color that's well suited to your skin tone, eye color, and hair color can make all the difference!  To learn more about colors, check out this site!
With a few "staple" items in your closet, and a few accessories, you can add classy touches to your own wardrobe everyday! 

Audrey Pants
Every woman needs a pair of what we like to call "Audrey Pants," after Audrey Hepburn's iconic legging look. Essentially, these are cropped leggings (but they're more fun to wear when you call them Audrey Pants). A warmer option than tights, Audrey Pants have kept us toasty under our skirts on many a wintry day. With their recent popularity, you can find them at most any department store (like Target). When they're named after the Queen of Class, how can you go wrong? 
You can't get much more feminine than a beautiful scarf. Don't limit these staple accessories to the winter-- find a light material, and stay fashionable year-round. They also are a great way to cover up low-cut necklines. There are more ways to wear these than there are fabrics to try!

Here are a few ideas we liked:
Want more? 
Here's a step-by-step tutorial on even more creative scarf ideas we love!

Cami Secret

As two petite-sized women, we both have suffered headaches over fashion. We can only be so creative in modifying shirts and dresses that fall much lower on us than other women... Behold: Cami Secret! This triangular-shaped piece of fabric snaps onto your straps and can be adjusted for different heights. (We hesitated to buy it from the website pictures because it didn't look like it slid too high, but it can definitely slide to just under the collar bone.) This is a fabulous investment & is great for the summer when you need another layer but don't want the warmth!
P.S.- You can find it online, but we found it in a Bed, Bath, & Beyond store!

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

In our experience, if there's one thing that will get you to put that cute skirt back in the closet, it's not having the right pair of shoes. It's easy enough to find a good pair of heels...but we don't have enough room in our purses for the amount of bandaids it would take to heal our blisters. What if you're actually are planning on actually doing some walking?

There are more Mary Jane styled and flats sporty shoes coming out-- you just have to keep your eyes peeled for one that fits your style.
  Flats-- Fortunately for us, these are uber-popular now. It's not hard to find a cute pair of flats for any style skirt/dress. (If you have tiny feet, like ours, try looking at Naturalizer or Target)