Catholic Stuff
Whether you're new to Catholicism, a cradle-Catholic or a Protestant, this website has something for you. We particularly like the "Being Catholic" section where it sheds new light on old customs, sacramentals, and devotions. It's a treasure trove of Catholic trivia like the 4 temperaments, how to address the different levels of clergy, how to prepare for a sick call and even how to chant the Pater Noster. You'll never feel lost again! If you're looking for a resource to give someone considering converting, this is probably the one.
This is a great site that has a whole day of Catholic Radio to listen to!  Starting off with Mass, Morning Prayers, the Angelus, you also have the option of tuning into sermons, Rosary, and even Compline!  Every day is something different.


This is a good resource for a quick check on a movie. Starting back in the 1930s, the National Legion of Decency used to rate movies for the faithful by identifying objectionable movies. Since then, its successors have become much more lenient (like in 2007 by giving a passing rate for The Golden Compass). This website is at least a starting point for discovering some decent films to watch!

Want to listen to music without all the commercials?  Pandora is a online radio station that is personalized for your tastes in music!  Once you've set up an account, (which is free!), just type in the kind of music you feel like listening to, and it creates the playlist for you!  You can even listen to Gregorian Chant!

This is a fabulous website with kitchen-tested recipes! Read the reviews and check out pictures before you commit to a cooking adventure. It even offers a virtual recipe box you can store great recipes in, and you can even print recipes to fit recipe card size. This is my (Violet's) go-to cooking/baking website.
Looking for a recipe to coincide with the liturgical year? How about a recipe for King's Cake or Irish Potato Pancakes for St. Patrick's day? Look no further. This website also has many meatless dishes too! Check it out!  

A priest recommended this website, and we have found it so immensely helpful, we would like to recommend it, especially as we enter into the season of Lent. (A nice way to brighten up those dull chores of ironing or folding laundry!)

Christendom College offers many spiritual and historical lectures FOR FREE on iTunesU (iTunes University). Click on the link above for more information. Some of our very favorites include:
                       * Being a Nashville Dominican
                       * Life in the Single Years