About Us

Once upon a time, 
two city girls met in the country... 

Attending the same Catholic college in the rural Midwest, we serendipitously found ourselves as dorm neighbors. Even after parting ways to go return home (Boston and Chicago), our friendship has blossomed over the years. Having both committed ourselves to living our life for the Blessed Mother and Our Lord, we have discovered along the way many challenges and obstacles that seek to stray women from the path of Holiness.

Realizing how important our own friendship was in helping us stay firm in our convictions, we stumbled on the idea to start a blog to create a community for women struggling to live faithful lives. We hope this blog will provide support and encouragement for women in various states of life. While posts may touch on our shared love of the Latin Mass, literature, baking, BBC adaptations, children, and chocolate...above all we hope women will be inspired to live their Catholic Faith, and join us in our stand for true Catholic Womanhood.

Violet - Fresh from graduating with an Elementary Education degree, I am terrified excited about dangling on the precipice of my future. Opening the next chapter of my single "career girl" life will be an adventure! I try to live by St. Catherine of Siena's exortation, "When we are who we were called to be, we will set the world ablaze!" I am well into my first year as a middle school English and Religion teacher at a small Catholic school. Recently I have become a "cat person" after adopting a shelter kitten. Chocolate is also an essential part of my life. (Oh, and ice cream). (And sweets in general). (Okay, fine-- I have a sweet tooth the size of Hershey, PA)
Huckleberry, my muse

Lily- New to marriage and motherhood, I have learned many valuable lessons about femininity and womanhood within the last few years.  I am lucky enough to be married to an amazing man who is definitely my best friend.  Due to being in the military, he unfortunately is away a lot of the time; yet, this has given me an opportunity to not only learn more about myself and my husband, but also has drawn me deeper in my Catholic Faith.  I view each day as a blessing, and have had way too much fun re-learning about life through my baby daughter's eyes.