Saturday, September 24, 2011

In the Garden with Sister

"The best place to seek God is in a garden. 
You can dig for Him there."
 ~ George Bernard Shaw

This week we went on our first field trip. My students had been studying leaf identification with Sister in science class, so we went to some botanical gardens nearby to identify some of the trees. After lunch, we sang some "nature" songs (ie- Kookaburra, There Was a Man in Jericho Named Zaccheus, etc...)

 Father pointed out the sycamore tree in the gardens, which he said was the kind of tree that Zaccheus climbed so he could see Our Lord pass by.

We also found some hungry fish, which Father appeased by throwing in a grasshopper to the horror of the girls!

We concluded our trip, tired and sweaty, with a refreshing ice cream break-- a surprise from Father!

The girls got many compliments on their behavior-- with an older woman telling the girls that she remembered when she went to Catholic school and wore a little uniform. There's something amazing about being in public with these kinds of people and watching the public's reaction to black robes, habits, and modest uniforms! What a treat it was to spend the day examining God's creation with brides of Christ, an alter Christus, and my girls!

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