Monday, August 8, 2011

Pick Another Checkout Line, Honey!

Yes, that IS actually the name of the book I'm going to talk to you about.  And I guarantee, whether you are a single woman living on her own, or a mother of three trying to save a few extra coins, you are going to take away at least SOMETHING from this post!

After making our move cross country, and now settled here in beautiful California, I have discovered a major incline in grocery prices.  And I'm not just talking "up the little speed bump in the parking lot" kind of incline.  I'm talking about "up and over Mount Everest" kind of incline.  Needless to say, I was and am determined to make necessary changes so hubby and I don't end up selling both cars, our identities, AND our children in order to scrap up a few meals!  I happened to see an episode on a TV show one afternoon talking about cutting your grocery bill in half, and naturally, my little ears instantly tuned in.  This woman had 3 kids, and was spending $415-500 on groceries......every single week! read that right.  So two woman who refer to themselves as the "Krazy Coupon Ladies", and believe me...after you read their book, you'll know they're not just saying they are!.....intervened and was able to cut this woman's grocery bill 90%!  For those of US who are horrible in Math, that means the woman only spent roughly about $30 on her groceries! 

Now, I'm not usually a sucker for these kinds of promotions.  But as my hubby and I had just been talking about ways to cut our expenses, I thought maybe the book would be a good idea to have hanging around the house.  (At least if I wasn't interested in it, people would THINK I was a smart shopper by seeing it on the bookshelf!)  Anyway, I bought the book and have to say, its a must have for every woman who is trying to live life on a budget.  These Krazy Ladies explain everything there is to know about couponing and saving money, and getting that nasty grocery bill to numbers you can strut proudly to.  They're big thing is to coupon, stock up when you hit sale prices, and choose the stores that are offering the promos and deals.  Now I thought I was doing all this, but after paging through the book, realized I'm not quite "up to par" with the rest of the "Couponing Krazies!" 

For starters, check out their website:  They have it divided up according to stores, and store policies, as well as blogging about upcoming deals that are coming to stores near you.  Also, they have a whole couponing database that's easy and convenient to use. 

You like saving money, right?  Well here's your nudge.....get couponing! 

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