Friday, August 12, 2011

Lunch Date

How about a little lunch date?  Just you, and me...and a whole lot of good, girly chit-chat.  Ever have one of those days?  Where you just need a real good friend to sit down on your couch beside you and share some "tear-rolling-belly-aching" laughs, or maybe a nice long cry?  Doesn't it feel so good afterwards?  Its like....therapy.  Seriously!

So what should we have for lunch.  If you're coming to my house, our options are slightly limited.  (Not to mention its a Friday).  Care to re-live childhood memories and just enjoy a nice PBJ sandwich?  How about some potato chips?  Watching your weight?  Oh honey, you don't need to worry about look great!  Besides, we'll balance it off with nice cold glasses of water.  There.  I'm so happy to have you over for lunch!

Between a very "un-Catholic" society, lack of true femininity, and our day to day chaos, isn't it easy to feel lonely?  You start to wonder---maybe I am the only female in the world who still wants to do the right thing.  I go to my OBGYN appointment; there are posters on the walls displaying all the many options for birth control.  (leaving you to feel like the odd ball when you tell the midwife, "I don't use any.")  You try to sit down and watch a movie and nine times out of ten turn it off because you couldn't take any more of the crude humor, and seductive dress.  You walk through a grocery store and feel completely overdressed simply because you're wearing a skirt, and everyone else....simply forgot to get dressed in the first place.  You turn on the radio, and switch it off again because the lesbian commercial really makes you sick to your stomach.  Suddenly, you're left wondering.....where did all the women go? 

Are those days of sitting on the porch chatting none stop with your best friend really just left to books like Anne of Green Gables?  Or the days of wearing long dresses and dancing with class and style left to the days of Jane Austen?  No.  It's simply changed a bit...that's all.  Technology can really be quite annoying, but! it can totally make a lonely girl a very happy one too.  Think of all the girlfriends you can find just through the Internet.  All the websites for Traditional Catholics.  All the people who congregate on Pilgrimages.  Email, skype, chat....the ways of communicating now are endless!  You may not be able to sit on each other's beds and have those long delicious chats...but who says you can't do the same over an email...or a phone call? 

Violet and I met for the first time in our college dorm....five years ago!  And we now have a blog together specifically for Catholic women.  We chat, we call, we cry, we laugh...we do all the wonderful things best friends do together---just a little differently.  There are days we both would LOVE to head over to the other's house to watch a delightful Jane Austen movie....but then we remember how blessed we are that we can have an equally delightful chat online, or over the phone about the very same thing! 

So honey, don't worry.  Some days you may feel isolated and alone.  And feel down and depressed because there's no one to call up and go shopping with.  But just remember---God knows exactly what you need, when you need it.  And I guarantee, when you're at your wits end and need a friend....He'll send you one.  Even if its through cyberspace. :) 

More chips?

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