Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Franciscan Profession

Since I have moved, I have been enjoying the unique privilege of living near a Franciscan convent. Today I was thrilled to be able to take part in their profession ceremony.

While the ceremony itself had its setbacks (i.e.- no A.C. in 108 degree weather and my height challenge made it hard to see), it was a privilege to have the rare opportunity to see such a beautiful event.

Two Sisters took their first vows and received the black habit while three Sisters renewed their temporary vows.

After receiving the black veil, the Sisters also received a crown of roses.

 Afterward, the "freshly vowed" Sisters wore their crown of roses at a small party in the (air conditioned!) basement where some of the more musical Sisters led us in a sing-a-long.

A postulant sings a song she wrote about St. Francis for Father

What a blessing to spend the day with Brides of Christ!

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  1. Violet,
    What a blessing to have witnessed such a beautiful ceremony and for enduring such heat and humidity. May you continue to grow in your faith as well as in height. Truly a day well spent under God’s graces.