Monday, August 29, 2011

A, B, C...1, 2, 3

First day of school.  Remember that feeling of excitement, mixed with a little nervousness as you paged through your school books and wondered how on earth you were going to fit all this new information into your brain? Remember the smell of Fall in the air, the crisp cool morning?  I loved that first day of school....and I was homeschooled!  I loved opening all my brand new books, carefully organizing my desk and setting up my routine and schedule for the coming year.  (That excitement and motivation only lasts for about a week---might as well enjoy it while its fresh right???)

As I look around me and see many students preparing for their school year, and read the blogs of all the homeschool moms getting their curriculum in order, it fills me with that a comforting nostalgia of school days past.  (Don't get me wrong, I was just as eager as the next person to finish the year up and enjoy my summer too!)  I can't wait until Lily is old enough to start homeschooling her.  But in the meantime, I must content myself with gathering all those creative ideas for motivating your child for the beginning of the school year.  Here are just a few I've come across!

These yummy School Pencils will make any child want to sit down and write his/her lessons!  Made from a tube of Rolos and a Hershey, these are not only easy to make, but shows off your "creative classiness" too!

A Schulute is an old German custom where, on the first day of school, the children of the house would receive a cone shaped "gift" filled with goodies and school supplies.  Leave it on their desks, or kitchen table the night before and see how easy it is to get those kiddos out of bed the next morning, just to open their Schulutes!

For all of you who are either starting classes back up, getting in front of the classroom for the first time, *cough Violet!*, or just love that "new school year" feeling like me....I wish you all a very happy, holy, and intelligent semester!

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