Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Settling In

Since making my trek 'cross Country, I have been horrible about posting!  Between settling in to our new home and area, and tending to my extremely active 8 month old, time just seems to escape me so  much faster now a days.  Not to mention (for those who didn't already know), we're expecting again!  I'm just about 15 weeks and *finally* out of the "ickies".  Just starting to feel some energy back and am totally convinced this one is a boy!  Naturally, hubby and I will be delighted with either, but based on just how different this pregnancy is from my little Lilybug, I just am getting that "gut" feeling (no pun intended!) that it might be a boy.  We'll find out the gender in September *hopefully*, and we'll see if my "mother's intuition" is right!  Please keep our little family in your prayers!

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