Wednesday, July 20, 2011

M1 Rosary: Best Rosary Ever!

Feast your eyes on the best Rosary in the West! Created by a priest we know, these rosaries should have been invented long ago!

"The Memory Rosary, or M1 Rosary, is a compact 15-decade rosary designed specially to "remember" your place as you pray. As the beads are pushed along the cord, they stay. Now you can pray the rosary through your day, without worrying about remembering where you left off if you're interrupted."

Here's how it works: 

These rosaries were inspired by army ranger "Pace Beads", which were used in the military to keep track of distances traveled while marching. The Memory Rosary is also called the M1 Rosary, which refers to different kinds of military weaponry: a soldier's helmet or rifle, or even a type of tank. In Scripture we read that "Life on earth is a warfare" (Book of Job), and we know from history that the rosary has proved to be a powerful weapon for protecting Catholics and combating heresy. The name "M1 Rosary" was adopted with all of this symbolism in mind. The appellation "M1" can also stand for "Mary, 1st among the saints" or the "Memory One" rosary.

Rosaries are $9.95 each (+$2 shipping) with special large family rates. Click here to learn more and order your own.

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