Thursday, July 28, 2011


As Miss Lily and her family settles into their new home in the sunny West Coast, I am preparing for my own moving day. This morning I set out for an 8 hour drive south in my new car where a new job and a new apartment with new roommates await me. Yipes!! Huckleberry will enjoy his new freedom with my parents, but I will miss that little furry bundle of trouble.

I ran across this travel prayer:

Prayer Before Departing on a Trip
O God, You called Abraham Your servant out of Ur and kept him safe and sound in all his wanderings. If it is Your will, protect Your servants. Be for us a support when setting out, friendship along the way, a little shade from the sun, a mantle against cold and rain, a crutch on slippery paths, and a haven in shipwreck. Bear us up in fatigue, and defend us under attack. Under Your protection, let us fulfill the purpose for our trip and return safe and sound to our home. Amen.
Pretty sure this is what my car looked like...

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