Monday, June 20, 2011


I am thankful...that so many good things are happening in my life all at once! This weekend I bought my very first car, and I put a down payment down on my first apartment! As my cousin said, “When did you become an adult?” Apparently, this weekend…

I am praying easy move for Lily and her family out to the West coast! What a lot of work! I'm sure St. Joseph will make sure all their junk gets safely across the country. California, here they come!  
I am feeling...excited about going to eat at Greek Islands restaurant this week (somehow it always comes back to food with me). It’s a famous restaurant considered the best among Greeks I know. Now, I've never actually been to a Greek restaurant, but last summer some friends and I explored Chicago's Greek Fest and discovered Saganaki. I've never been so excited about flaming cheese in my life.
The Saint of the day is...St. Silverius who was a pope who also happened to be the legitimate son of a pope (St. Hormisdas)! Apparently, he was born before his father entered the priesthood and was married. What are the odds?

Around the house...Huckleberry has been on high Bug Alert. We’ve had a few ants and centipedes, and boy, is he earning his keep! All this work is tiring him out, and I’m finding him sleeping in the strangest places. He’s got to be the cutest feline ever.

On the menu...I finally busted out my Hershey's Chocolate cookbook (that our friend "Cherryblossom" gave me) and made “Secret Kisses,” which were a big hit. They are basically balls of dough rolled in powdered sugar with a Hershey’s kiss inside. The new apartment will have double ovens, which I am thrilled about. Twice as many treats!

I’ve been reading…a wonderful book Lily gave me for my graduation—My Best Teachers Were Saints. What a great read. In the education field, it's easy to get bogged down with books stressing research-based strategies, standardized test assessments, etc... and it's easy to lose sight of the real purpose of education. Each short chapter in this book stresses a different issue teachers face and then discusses a saint that dealt with those issues like St. Benedict on the importance of order and St. Peter and Paul on when colleagues disagree.

My goal for buckle down and clean all the piles of dust that have been accumulating since student teaching. I also need to start planning for the school year next fall! …but maybe I’ll just have one more Secret Kiss first.

Happy Monday!

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