Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ponderings From One Wandering

And so, as Violet mentioned, hubby, myself, and our little Lilybug have begun our "moving adventure" across the country.  Hubby left yesterday to start the drive out from Boston to San Francisco, and my little bundle of energy and myself will be following next week, taking the easy way out on the plane.  Although, quite honestly, I'm nervous about this upcoming flight and a 6 month old child on my lap for 6 hours!  In any case, it will most definitely be a memorable experience!
Its been a tough week of goodbyes, living out of suitcases, and anxieties about the unknown.  But during my morning reading and prayers today, I came across such an encouraging and beautiful quote, I know Our Lady sent it specially for me to read right now.

"Take shelter under Our Lady's mantle, and do not fear.  She will give you all you need. She is very rich, and besides is very generous with her children.  She loves giving."
(Blessed Raphaela Maria from Small Steps for Catholic Moms)

Our Father in heaven clearly knows our weak human nature; He created us!  So He thought to Himself, "I know these children of mine will worry, will make mistakes, and though they will think they are quite independent, they will come to realize that they can do nothing on their own.  I will send them My own Mother, and She will guide them, protect them, and love them.  And they will learn, they have nothing to fear if they stay within Her Immaculate Heart."  Makes you realize how lucky we are, how blessed we are, to have not only such a merciful and loving Creator and Savior, but a gentle, humble, and compassionate Mother.  And not only do we have our spiritual Parents, we have the security and safety of our Holy Mother the Church.  Makes you wonder why on earth people would ever want to be following anything other than the Catholic Faith, doesn't it?

So, despite the stress and tension, excitement of moving, I found comfort in knowing I have nothing to worry about, because my Mother Mary has my little family wrapped tightly under her mantle of love.

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