Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Let Me Not Be Tired!

During a college retreat, we were given this wonderful prayer to say to Our Lady.  Since then, I have kept it inside my Missal and referred to it more times than I can say.  It acts as a constant reminder that no matter how difficult our lives may feel, or how many challenges we are facing....Our Lady is our Queen and Mother and stands beside us, ready to offer us the grace of strength and encouragement to persevere through even our darkest moments.  Let me not be tired, My Queen!  Let me never be tired when doing all for the glory of your Son!

Prayer to Our Lady
From Bishop Manuel Gonzalez Garcia of Malaga, Spain

"Mother Immaculate, let me not be tired!  My Mother, only one petition!  Let me not be tired! Even when discouraged for the little fruit of my efforts, or for the ingratitude that assaults me, even when weakened by my miseries, or when persecuted by the fury and calumnies of my enemies, even when in need of money and of human help, even when my works collapse and I have to start again...My Dear Mother, let me not be tired!

Let me be firm, decided, courageous, always smiling, with the eyes of my face fixed in my neighbor to help him, and with the eyes of my soul fixed in the Heart of Jesus Who is in the tabernacle.  I will take my post, the one assigned to me by God.  I will not retreat, I will not utter useless cries, I will not shun the battle...Let me always have a drop of blood to shed, some coins to give away, some energy to spend, a word to say, my compassion to offer, a bit of strenght in my hands or in my feet, which could be used to give glory to Thy Son and to do some good to my neighbor.  Mother, my Dear Mother, let me die rather than be tired.  Amen."

Blessed Manuel Gonzalez Garcia is known as the "Bishop of the Abandoned Tabernacle", which is another reason I found this prayer to be well suited for the month of June.  This holy Bishop had so much love and devotion for the Sacred Heart in the Holy Eucharist, that he would implore the faithful to become "Marys of those abandoned Tabernacles, just as Our Lady stood at the foot of the Cross to be with her abandoned Son."  (Butler's Lives of the Saints) 

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, may you be loved everywhere and by everyone!

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