Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Your Marriage "Idea Jar"

Here's something my husband and I are just starting to implement into our Marriage.  So many times, there are days I'd love to do something special for my husband, something kind of out of the ordinary, yet something I know he'll enjoy and have really been wanting.  But with the day to day stresses that cloud a person's mind, it's not always easy to think of something practical!  So we've come up with our "Idea Jar". 
On separate sheets of color coded paper, or two different color index cards, write out ideas that you would love to have your husband/wife do for you. (yours on one color, your husbands on another) It may be something simple like, sweep the kitchen floor after dinner, or it might be something romantic like, bring home flowers one day after work.  Read them off to each other and discuss them so you both understand what that "idea" entails or means to the other.  Keep them in a jar and every now and then, draw the appropriate color card and...whaaallaaa!  you have an instant idea to do for your spouse!

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