Monday, May 9, 2011

Who Says??

We tend to think that a woman will only become a saint if she is a religious or a consecrated virgin.  There are so many wonderful saints that have followed this path, that we tend to forget....that's not the only path to holiness!  If that were so, Our Lord wouldn't have institued all the different vocations for women!  Especially the holy vocation of Motherhood.  So who says you can't be a saint just because you're a mother?  A wife?  A sister?  A daughter?  You can be a saint no matter WHO you are.  You MUST be a saint no matter who you are.  That's God's plan for you.  To fulfill your Catholic duty in whatever state of life He has created for you. 

Seeing how Mother's Day was just celebrated, (Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother's who read this blog!), let's focus on the many inspirational Mother Saints that so many of us can relate to:

St. Anne

With examples of strong, faithful, Catholic mother saints like can we say that it's impossible for a married wife and mother to become a saint?  Who says we can't?? 

We absolutely can.

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