Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I am thankful that my beautiful little niece Gianna is being discharged from Children's Hospital on Thursday!  Praise be to God....she is truly a miracle child.  Only through the grace of God and prayer has her progress been so remarkable.  When she was first born they told my sister she probably wouldn't be able to come home for months!  And now....she's 5 1/2 weeks old and heading home! 

I am praying for my husband on his FINAL TOUR!  He left yesterday to go back out to sea for another 4 weeks, and this time, when he comes back.....he'll be done with this particular tour.  He'll then switch to Search and Rescue Command Center in CA which will be such a blessing for our family because he won't be going out to sea every few months.  He'll be working at a land job!  Today, I'm praying for his safety and strength to get through the next four weeks.  He definitely had a harder time leaving this time around because he's become so attached to our little Lilybug, now that she interacts so much more!  She is definitely "Daddy's Girl!"

I am feeling slightly overwhelmed about moving, but trying to trust that God is going to take care of everything and provide for a successful and smooth transition!  We have movers coming in to pack us up (courtesy of the Military....there are some perks!) so I'm trying to "weed" things out and organize a little beforehand.  But just the thought of everything that has to happen before, and after is overwhelming.  (Besides, I think its in my nature to just worry!)

At Morning Prayers I found the quote given by Cardinal Wolsey very interesting: "If I had served my God with half the love that I served myself...."  How true is that?  We spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year thinking, acting, doing for ourselves.  And yet we gripe and complain when we have to sit down for 15 mins to say our Rosary...or sit an extra 10 mins longer listening to a sermon during Mass.  At the hour of our death, we ought to have made it our goal that we can look at the face of God and say...."I loved Thee with my entire heart, and made loving Thee my entire goal."

Around the house Lily is in for her morning nap...she's been taking naps so much better lately.  And she's been going to sleep a little better.  She still wakes up every 2 hours after midnight, but at least I get a nice stretch of a break between 7pm-12am!  She was so cute this morning sitting in her little saucer.  I glanced up and she was just staring, smiling at me.  lol  She's such an imp.

Saint of the Day is St. Damien of MolokaiAn incredible example of compassion, humility, and self-sacrificing, this priest gave all he had (including his life!) to the poor and the sick lepers.  He truly imitated Our Lord in caring for those less fortunate. 

Outside my window is a bit gray actually.  I hear a few birds chirping and I'm not real sure about the temp yet...but it looks like we might get a little rain later today.  To be honest, I like a good rainstorm.  Not everyday naturally, but the smell of the earth after a good hard rainstorm is so refreshing!!  Saturday, my husband and I were driving to a family's house for dinner, and got caught in a tremendous lightning, thunder storm!  It even hailed a little which was so odd!  And then, it was like passing through a curtain.  One minute it was coming down hard, the next it was bright and sunny. :-/  That's New England for you!

My goal for today is to "hear the voice of God in all I do."  I've been reading from Small Steps for Catholic Moms in the morning and the theme for today was to listen and hear the voice of God in all you do.  Sometimes I think I get so caught up in things going on, I forget to take five minutes to just....be still.  God speaks through silence and in those rare moments I get of silent bliss!, I should be taking time to thank God and listen to Him.  So that's the goal for today!

Now! go grab yourself a little piece of chocolate, and start your Today!

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