Friday, May 6, 2011

Blushing Beauties

“Blushing is the color of virtue.” ~ Matthew Henry

I just wish everyone else knew it was! Lily can confirm that I am indeed the Blushing Queen. Although my case of the Blushes is not as severe as it once was...blushing is still (as Dorcas Lane would say) my "one weakness." I read this quote the other day, and it brought me comfort to know that my rosy cheeks are actually indicators of my virtuous constitution. How do you like that?

Reading up a little on the science of blushing, I confirmed that the fear of blushing can be so strong that it triggers those glowing cheeks itself. "If we are obsessed, and worried about blushing, then our brain is focused on blushing and, therefore, it will happen to us much more frequently and for no real apparent reason. The anticipation or expectation of blushing can lead to further blushing." This sounds like proof enough to self-diagnose myself with a new syndrome: "Chronic Blusher."

I certainly don't need a legitimate reason to blush. I have found myself sometimes even blushing for other people! But is blushing really that bad? At least Dr. Alice von Hildebrand doesn't think so... She once said that "when women no longer know how to blush, it is an indication that a society is on the verge of moral collapse." It's true, many women in our generation don't know how to feel embarrassed anymore. Nothing shocks them. So, while many of our feminine comrades lost their "blush," we Chronic Blushers must stick together!

Top 3 Tips for a Chronic Blusher.
1.)  Accept it - 
There are a lot of websites out there that try to help CB's stop blushing. One of the best ways to stop blushing is to announce it. The only way to stop blushing is to "get over it." The more you think about how you are blushing, the more you turn red. Try to look at blushing as just another part of what makes you who you are. Make it work for you instead of thinking of it as a flaw.

2.) Relax--
Try relaxing your shoulder muscles and breathing deeply. This helps stop the rush of blood to your face.

3.) Smile--
Your cheeks turn naturally red when you smile, so a grin will help your blushing face look more natural!

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