Friday, May 20, 2011

All in a Day's Work

For the past few weeks, every time I sit down in my livingroom, a little wave of spoilt milk, spit up, and baby drool keeps sailing by me.  After spraying down the rugs, scrubbing the kitchen, spraying down every bit of baby equipment we have...I still had not managed to get rid of the stench!  And tonight, I had had enough.  Now picture this---I'm sitting in my livingroom chair trying to relax.  My daughter is in her room screaming because she's not wanting to go to sleep. (despite the many multiple times I've been in to calm her), the guy living above me sounds like he owns an elephant, while the person below me...a dog pound.  And in addition to all this, the gross smell of spoilt milk floats through the air.  Well!  I've reached my limit.  Hopping on all fours, I'm now determined to find the source.  I smell the rug.  The baby gym.  The couch.  The chair.  The swing.......the swing.  Oh. my. goodness. saints. alive.  Look no further.  Apparently, milk had spilt below the cushion and had made a nice little home for itself all molding up in the seat!  Can we say disgusting??  So after cleaning that all out, I think I've solved my problem.  My daughter is now playing in front of me, smiling and laughing as if she's just won a battle; (little does she know, she has NOT won the war), the guy above me has put his elephant to sleep, while the dog pound below me have all gone for a potty walk...and I now sit here in my humble abode, indulging in a little satisfaction for a job well done.  It's all in a day's  Mommy's work.

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