Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Under the Umbrella

I really should be grading papers right now, but it's been rainy and gloomy for weeks, and I need a mini-break!

We're studying "watery earth" in my 4th grade class right now, so I have been especially aware of what the weather has been doing lately. (We even went on a field trip to a water reclamation center, which was fascinating!) Right now I am drinking a hot cup of tea to try to prevent any sick bugs from sticking to me. The fact that I have not caught an illness yet is a miracle what with my severe lack of sleep and nutrition and excess of stress!

Somehow over the last few minutes, I've developed the urge to become the owner of an ultra-chic umbrella. I've also made the discovery that in order to find a truly feminine and classy umbrella, one must go to England. They certainly have a monopoly on cute "brollies" (British speak for umbrella).

Check out this amazing rain gear! If I could sport one of these, I would hope it rained every day! But then I'd also develop a sudden urge to find the perfect pair of Wellies...

This is the INSIDE of the umbrella!

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