Friday, April 8, 2011


I am thankful...that my daughter slept so well during the night!  For the past 2 weeks she has been sleeping horribly, waking up and squirming every hour.  But last night she only woke to feed at 2am, 5am, and then was finally up for the morning at 6am!  It felt so wonderful to get some sleep!  Amazing how much one's perspective on life can change when you get some sleep!

I am praying for...a smooth, stressfree move to California, and that everything goes well in signing our new rental!  We're so excited to be able to move out of an apartment and move into a place with more room and storage!  If all goes well, this house is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath...with a beautifully landscaped backyard for Lilybug to play in!  And it'll only take hubby 10 mins to get to the base, and we'll only be 16 mins away from church!  (versus the 60+ we drive right now!) 

I am excited about the progress of my new niece!  For those who may not know, "Lovebug" was born on March 31st through C-section.  She was born with a large omphalocele and will need to be hospitalized for the next few months as they try to "pressure" the sac back into the stomach.  She's quite the fighter though, as her weight has been steady, she's no longer on the ventilator, she's drinking from a bottle, and she has just recently been moved into her own "bedroom" and crib!  They hope within a few months that as soon as the skin grows around the omphalocele, they'll be able to bring her home! 

The Saint of the day is...St. Julie Billiart  A sister in the order of the Sisters of Notre Dame, St. Julie's constant motto throughout her life was "Oh! How good God is!" 

Around the house...hubby comes home today!  He was on duty overnight, so both Lilybug and I will be excited to see him this afternoon.  Lilybug is currently "singing" in her swing (I have a feeling that "singing" is on the verge of being transformed into high pitch squawking in a few moments...)  Was able to clean yesterday, so nothing is tooooo pressing today.  It's such a wonderful feeling to sit in one's own CLEAN, ORGANIZED house. :)

On the menu...Baked Haddock!  Yumm....hubby isn't too fond of fish, but he does like this receipe!  I just lay the fillets of haddock in the pan, crush up a mixture of Ritz crackers, melted butter, garlic salt and other spices and pour that on top.  It comes out very tasty!  I'll serve it with crescent rolls, broccoli and rice.

Outside my window..."I see trees of roses too, I see 'em bloom, for me and for you...and I think to myself....what a wonderful world!"  ;)  Spring is on its way.  Not sure of the temp out there yet, but it sure looks beautiful.  I think Lilybug and I will have to indulge in a little "stroller stride" this afternoon!  Maybe hubby will come too!

My goal for today...fold the laundry! I hate having my husband walk into a house that has laundry piled high, and dishes in the sink.  So I always try my best to keep things orderly and clean for him.  So Mr. Laundrybasket?  Beware...I'm coming at you today!

Enjoy your Today!

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