Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Morning Moments

I'm sitting at my kitchen table, (with every candle in the house lit to try chasing those evil smells away from my daughter's diapers!) and thought maybe it was time for another "morning chat".   Actually, if the truth be known, my husband was on my blog a few days ago, (yes, he reads it!), and suggested making some posts about day to day living in our house.  When I brought up the argument that most people probably didn't want to hear the complainings, ventings, etc of an ordinary housewife/mother...he reminded me that THAT was exactly why Violet and I had started this blog in the first place!  Not to "complain and vent" per say, but to share our experiences and let other, in my case mothers, know they aren't alone out there. 
So, if you care to....light a cozy candle, pick out one of your favorite mugs, make a pot of tea (or coffee!), and join me for a little morning chat!

This Easter was our second Easter being married, and our first Easter as parents!  And I have to tell you, I felt like a little kid again making up a basket for my husband of all his favorite things, and dressing my daughter up in her pretty purple Easter dress and bonnet. (not to mention the bloomers underneath!)  I wish I could say we enjoyed a gorgeous, blessed Mass....but I really can't, as I spent almost all of it outside the church on the front steps with a shrieking daughter who thinks, at five months, she's should be able to try her hand at walking.  No she can't walk yet....key word being yet....but I swear she's going to skip the whole "crawling phase" and head straight to running.  That child doesn't know the definition of --sitting still---!  But then again, that's how I was as a child so apparently God is having some fun making me feel my parent's pain!  I had to constantly remind myself that God knows the wishes of my heart to attend Mass fully, and that I'm receiving just as much grace in pacing the outside steps of the Church with my squirming baby, as I would kneeling there in prayer.  Praise the Lord for an understanding Heavenly Father! (and a helpful husband who's willing to share the load!)

We enjoyed a lovely day with my in-laws, and a delicious Easter dinner complete with Romanian wine brought back by my sister-in-law, and a ham we nicknamed "Bob" due to its enourmous size!  (which by the way..never do that; never name the meat you are about to eat. Far too personal afterwards, I must say!)  As the holidays come and go, and we, as a married couple spend them with each of our families, its interesting to see the different ways each family has of making the day special.  I do admit, it was an adjustment at first for me. Afterall, you spend years celebrating a holiday a certain way, and then all of a sudden, it changes!  But with my husband's help, I've come to realize that marriage is about opening your mind to different perspectives, and having the ability to take a little from both worlds in order to form your own.  Monday was spent with my family, and my little Lilybug met her great grandparents for the first time!  Naturally, she put on her best behavior, right up until the food was served.  I think she feels a little left out that she ends up with a stupid bottle of milk when everyone around her is chowing down on ham, cornbread, and beans!  I can't say that I blame her though!  Naturally, at each family's house, there was enough chocolate, candy, and deserts to make everyone feel fat!  (but my goodness, it was delicious!)

Its amazing to me how the holidays come alive when there's a child in the house.  Lilybug is ony 5 months, but still...it brings out the "hidden child" in everyone. My husband and I have spent a great amount of time discussing how we want to raise our children, what traditions we want to carry on for them,  how we plan to make the spiritual, true meaning of holidays the focual point...and we both agreed it makes us so excited for Lilybug to get to an age where we can start sharing our Faith with her!  I realize that it won't always be easy, and though its a terrifying thought that this little soul is in our hands to fashion and mold for the glory of God, having a child has brought us both closer to our Faith, in preparation for passing that Faith on to our next generation.  A huge responsibility, but one we are eager to begin!
Well, I suppose since I've finished my cup of Chocolate Mint Oolong tea (which according to my sister-in-law, is supposed to be good for weight loss!), and my little Monkey is awake from her oh so long nap, that's my cue to bring my "morning moment" to a close.  I wish you all a very blessed and holy Easter week and may Our Lady, Mother of all, grant all of you the grace to persevere in your own day to day struggles!

Enjoy your day!

Here are a few Easter pictures to share!

The Little "Easter Lily"

"Mommy, when can WE get a piano??"

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