Thursday, April 7, 2011

Keeping the "Little" in your Daughter

FamilyLifeToday is a website with Christian talks and guest speakers, that address many issues concerning marriage, family, and relationships.

Today's talk is by Dannah Gesh, speaking about how to keep your daughter innocent through 6 steps to guarding her purity.  This hit home for me, considering I have a new daughter and my concern is to raise her as a strong Catholic, who understands her duty to morality and purity.  Before she can really understand that though, I have to be an example for her, and guide her.  It's a huge responsibilty and one I pray daily for the grace to accomplish.  With Barbie dolls, Disney movies, and the ever increasing trend in revealing clothing, you start to understand just how "nit-picky" you really DO need to be to guard your children.

Prayer to Obtain a Christian Atmosphere in the Home
Lord Jesus Christ, You are the way and the truth and the life; and it is by following you that we will most surely find the way to our Father in Heaven.  Help me instructed by You and Your example, to create a truly Christian atmosphere in my home.  May there be in all things a deep and true family life in our home--and a family life patterened after the holy family at Nazareth.  May You always be a guest at our activities, our conversations, our recreations--in a home that is truly and meaningfully centered around you.  May Your picture and that of Your Mother on our walls be treasured reminders of Your love for us and a token of our love for You.  May the Word of God, and other books and literature that tell us of You, lead us to a closer knowledge of You and be welcomed and read by every member of the family.  May the thoughts expressed in our home be uncomplaining--at one with Your thoughts and those of Your Holy Church.  May there be a deep respect for all things holy, and may my children learn from me and their father, a love of family prayer and of the sacraments.

May charity of speech reign in our home--Teach us tolerance for all our neighbors that will be free from all littleness--and free from all prejudice based on race or religion.  May our ways be ever gracious in imitation of Your own; and may we show a special regard for the aged, the underprivileged, the handicapped, and infirm.

And, in all things that I expect of my children, and that I want to characterize in my home, let me be an ever convincing example. May my words always be words I may invite You to utter with me; my thoughts in unison with Yours; my feelings ones I may ask you to entertain with me; and may the interpretations and judgments I make be such that I may expect you to share them with me.  So in all things, may I, together with my family, be so directed by the inspiration of Your grace, to be completely one in You.  Amen.

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