Sunday, April 3, 2011

Apple Cider Spice Donuts

If you are watching your girlish figure, I strongly suggest you find another post to read...

(My donuts were not as beautiful as the ones from the website)
Lily was the first one to tell me the wonders of Apple Cider Donuts this past fall. When apple-picking season came and went, I mourned the thought that my encounter with this mythical breakfast confection had too passed until next year. But behold! I discovered them at a local bakery, and my life changed.

While on Spring Break this past week, to my delight, I ran across a recipe online for Apple Cider Spice Donuts. Never having made donuts from scratch, I figured I'd give these babies a whirl. They were a big hit! And while they were very tasty, I don't know how soon I would make them again...They take some time to make-- especially when it's your first time deep frying something. I guess I'll have to wait until summer to indulge my Apple Cider Donut craving again!

These would make a wonderful special breakfast treat for on this Laetare Sunday or even Easter Sunday!

Happy baking!

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