Friday, March 11, 2011

What does it mean to be a Woman?

And so, I pose the question.  What does it mean to be a woman?

I'm convinced this answer will never be considered black or white.  Think about it, can you imagine how easy life would suddenly become if it were?  Men would suddenly be able to truly understand a woman when she says things like, "I'm fine" or "nothing's wrong."  They might finally be able to interpret the famous "I'm-giving-you-the-silent-glare-so-you-better-shutup" look.  No, unfortunately for the male gender, the depth of a woman can not be summed up in a mere "one line response."  We are complicated creatures, and for most men, that's where the digging ends.

But for the adventurous souls who dig a little deeper, I think they would discover some unique qualities that only a woman can ever possess. For instance; qualities such as femininity, nurturing, home-maker, and the most valuable of all, the heart of the home.  And because of these qualities, it makes it impossible for the "role reversal" to ever be justified. 

I don't think women today, truly understand what they're role in society is.  And how could they?  Throughout the past generation, there was been a serious decline in the proper education of what a woman's role is.  Society has offered nothing but pressure, confusion, and a whole lot of nonsense.  We now have talk show hosts who are "proud gays."  We have young 7 year old boys making the "executive" decision to be girls.  We have men who decided the Creator must have made a mistake with their gender, and that really...they were meant to be females.  (and vice versa.)  I mean, c'mon!  How far down into the grime can we possibly slide??  It's disgusting!

So how can it possibly make any kind of sense that people like these are considered "socially acceptable", yet women who are open to having more than one or two children, who refuse birth control, who homeschool their families, and who dress modestly are mocked and laughed at?  When I went in for my 6 week post partum check with my doctor, she all but fell out of her chair when I told her I wouldn't be taking a birth control.  I mean, that wasn't even an option in her book!  (and her response? haha..."you do realize you can get pregnant, don't you?, let me think about that one...I'm here for my "post partum" check, NATURALLY I realize I could get pregnant!) 

The true definition of a woman is totally misconstrued and lost in this society.  To the point where when a true woman is discovered, they don't know how to receive her anymore; they don't understand how to respond to her "awkwardness."  Simple beauty, modesty and respectfulness is no longer even thought about, let alone practiced in this world.  The whole idea of a woman's body is to show off as much as you possibly can for seduction and vanity.  Oh, if we could only remember Sodom and Gomorrah....

A woman is meant to be beautiful on the inside, as well as the outside.  She's meant to be that binding force that holds her family together, that nurtures and cares for her family, even sometimes above her on needs.  She's meant to be that light that refuses to be hid under a bushel, the example to her peers.  Women have a very influential power over men, sometimes more so than they realize.  They have a dazzling charm that can convince and persuade, and when they use that to their own advantage...what a destructive result it can be.  We have only to look around us to see the truth of it.  It is our DUTY to raise that standard in men.  To force them to reach outside of themselves and achieve something higher than their passions and inclinations.

So thank you, to all the women out there who are standing strong and brave, despite the pressures that may overwhelm them.  Thank you for presenting the truth of womanhood, and being that example of what it means to be a woman.

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