Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spiritual Motherood: A Privilege

Reunion of the children of the Mothers of Lu in 1946

As a college student, I can tell you first hand of the Feminism that pervades campuses across America. Being a woman (or a man), they argue, is merely a social construction which then explains the spectrum of genders that we see in our world today. So, tonight after reading Lily’s post, I flipped through my copy of Alice Von Hidebrand’s The Privilege of Being a Woman.

Among her many profound thoughts, the one that struck me was that women have been given a supernatural mission. “Whereas few men are called on to be priests, all women, without exception are called upon to be mothers.” It is not simply a call to beget children, but to give birth to Christ in the souls of men.

Ladies, it’s about time we reclaim true femininity.

Listen to this beautiful sermon on True Feminine Dignity: Spiritual Motherhood to Priests. Father discusses the Mothers of Lu, a group of women who stormed the gates of heaven in the 1800s for vocations. Father suggests that women of all ages and states of life embrace this same spiritual mission for souls:

1.      Once a week pray before the Blessed Sacrament (or before a picture of Sacred Heart)
o   Pray a Memorare (that Our Lady will help us conform ourselves to her)
o   Pray a Litany to the Sacred Heart (for vocations)
2.      On the 1st Sunday of the month, offer up your Communion for vocations
3.      After Mass, pray at communion rail...

O God, grant that one of my sons becomes a priest! I promise to live as a good Christian woman and will lead my children to all that is good, wherewith I hope to receive the grace to be able to give to Thee, O God, a holy priest.

To quote Father:
“Ladies, embrace your God-given role in the church, 
and do something beautiful for God!”

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