Wednesday, March 30, 2011

robbing their childhood

Victoria Secret.

Abercrombie and Fitch.

American Eagle.

What do all these stores have in common? 

Posters that cause any decent, modest Christian to guard their eyes.  How many times have you walked through the mall and needed to cast your eyes aside due to impure pictures, images, or models?  Victoria Secret provides scantily clad images, more pornographic than anything.  Aberocrombie broadcasts bare chested pictures of men, and sometimes even topless MEN posing outside their stores!  And American Eagle?  How many of their manikins have suntaned, toned, and seductive bodies, with little short shorts, and tube top shirts being displayed?

What is this world coming to?  The scary thing is, we as adults are so used to seeing all of this, that slowly we become desensitized to the dangers of such impurity and lack of tolerance.  Yet, our children are growing up in this society, and they are in even MORE danger of falling prey to such sin.

And to encourage this introduction to seduction, what is the newest phase for young children?  Padded push up bikinis SPECIFICALLY designed for 7 year olds.  7 year old girls, who are not even ready for a typical bra, are now being given a push up bikini, so they can...what?...feel more like seductive, attractive, adults?  How disgusting of our society!

And now, to disguise the objective, they are now being called "triangle bikinis." So obviously, downplaying the name is suppose to make it all okay? 

Not to mention the new baby dolls that just came over from Europe for our children.  "The Breast Milk Baby".  It's purpose?  To allow young girls to "breasfeed" their babies.  They baby is equipped with sucking, slurping, burping noises, and attaches to a nursing "apron" that allows the baby to "hook up" to the child's chest.


And then we stand back and wonder..."why are there so many teen pregnancies?  so many teen girls becoming online prostitutes?  Well no wonder....we're starting their sexual interests at such an impressionable age!

O Mary, Queen and Mother of Purity, protect our youth!

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