Tuesday, March 22, 2011

St. Joseph

March is the month of St. Joseph, patron of so many things...but especially husbands and fathers.  What a wonderful patron to have for such important roles.  I think we as women tend to overlook the vital part these men play in our lives.

The father is the first man a daughter meets; the first man she gives her heart to; the first man she trusts.  Her father is the man who sets the example for all the men to come.  I always find it such a shame when I see fathers in today's society not setting that example for their daughers--not setting that example for their sons!--and it always makes me so thankful that I was blessed enough to have such a strong father to guide me in all aspects of my life.

Then there comes the husband, oh the poor husband!  We pity the husband, we make the husband the butt of our jokes, we underestimate the husband---in a word, we don't appreciate the true role of our husbands.  Take a minute to really consider the pressure husbands have to handle to keep up their end of the "bargain."  A young man, 20 something years old, marries a young woman...just as naive about life as he is.  And that young woman holds her husband up to be the "life-solver", the "provider", the "rock when things get shakey." I think we as wives tend to forget that we have a vital impact on the role of our husbands.  We are supposed to be there to support them too.  We're supposed to take care of thier needs too.  Marriage isn't a one way street....you know the saying, "it takes two to tango..!"

So here you have the Father on one hand, and the Husband on the other, both having different but similar roles to play, and both impacting the lives of others.  What better way to support, encourage, and LOVE them, then to PRAY for them?  And who better to pray to for them than the ideal model for fathers and husbands: St. Joseph!
(and you know, even if you don't have a husband yet, or aren't even dating yet, you can still be praying to St. Joseph to protect and guide that knight in shining armor as he works his way in life toward you!)

St. Joseph, Patron of Fathers and Husbands, pray for us!

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  1. Excellent post! A great reminder to appreciate my husband ;-)