Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lenten Calendar for Kids

"Come, let us also go to die with Him." ~ St. Thomas

Lent is almost upon us-- To get my catechism kids ready for the Penitential Season, I passed out this wonderful printable (and FREE) Lenten calendar. (P.S.- This website has fabulous craft ideas) The kids can track their progress from Ash Wednesday to the end of Lent by following the winding path all the way to Easter. Because my students are older (6th-8th grade), I had them brainstorm ideas for good things to both give up and simply to give for Lent (i.e.- give up sweets, give your time to do an extra chore/ read the life of a saint). The students wrote their aspirations inside the boxes for each day. If they wanted to stick with the same penance every day, they could write that in the box. If they wanted to maximize their merit potential, they could fill in different ideas on top of what they're already giving up. This way, the kids can have a visual reminder of both what their goals are and their progress toward the Holiest day of the year!

Here's my colored version with my penance ideas for the students:

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