Monday, February 28, 2011

Through the Garden Gate

I really should be heading to bed right now, as my little Lilybug is fast asleep in her crib.  (You’d think I would have learned by now to sleep when she sleeps, but apparently I’m a slow learner!)  I was so excited about this new blog idea, that I knew any hope of sleep would be futile until I had made a post.  So here I am, curled up on my couch at 12:30 at night…blogging.  It’s the purpose of this blog that caught my attention when Violet first introduced it to me.  We had just had a 2 hour phone discussion on how hard it was trying to be Catholic woman in today’s society, without succumbing to the temptations of feeling isolated and alone.  Because, let’s face it---it isn’t exactly easy to walk through a clothing store and have to go through a dozen and one questions about an article of clothing before you even get to the question of “Do I like it?”  (Does it come up high enough?  Is it too revealing?  Is it too tight? Etc. etc. etc.)  And it certainly isn’t easy getting that shocked and blown out the water look from peers when you tell them you drive over an hour to get to Mass every Sunday.  (Well, first you have to get through the raised eyebrows from the fact that you even attend Mass every Sunday.)  Never mind adding the pressures society hammers you  with concerning birth control, impure movies, immodest trends, and my personal favorite, 2 kid perfect families!  Bottom line is---its not easy being a Catholic.  And it especially is not easy being a Catholic female.  But you know what?  All is not “doom and gloom”, as my husband so fondly reminds me.  We have a jewel that is more valuable than anything this world can offer us.  A treasure that is so priceless, it can never be matched.  We have the glory of our Catholic Faith, and we as women, have the perfect example of Our Blessed Mother.
So after that 2 hour phone call, Violet and I realized something.  We are not alone.  There are many other Catholic females out there who feel the same frustrations, and the same discouragements we often face.  And wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing to band together and offer a reminder of that? 
The purpose of this blog is to offer as much helpful information, articles, reviews, recipes….as much as we can to show women everywhere that they are not alone.  So we invite you to step through the gate into our little garden, and remember that though being a Catholic woman may be hard sometimes, you are never going through it alone.